Quienes Somos?

Toasty Arepas makes delicious authentic South American  food to serve the Ottawa-Gatineau region.        

Toasty Arepas' mission is based on the three big Fs of South America; Family, Friends, and Food!! So let our delicious, all-time favorite recipes bring into your home a little bit of South American's culture and traditions that you can share with your loved ones.   

While the traditional cuisines of each country in South and Central America is widely different, with each country having it's own distinctive combination of spices and fresh ingredients, there are some staples of Latin American cooking that transcend borders. Toasty Arepas' menus are inspired by such staples foods as corn, potatoes, cheese and yucca.  

Inspired by the rich and diverse culinary traditions of central and South America, we seek to serve our clients with those authentic all time favorite recipes, staples of every family gathering and celebration. 

Indulge your guest with our 100% traditional Latin Dishes for small get together, parties, events or  to enjoy at home.